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Kay Gee Enterprises, India

manufactures and supplies OE Recycled Cotton Yarn and Recycled Cotton Fibre. We are based in Panipat, the Textile city of India. We recycle Pre consumer as well as Post consumer textile wastes into fibre to spin yarn ranging from count NE 2s-20s (both single, double & multi-fold) in Raw White and various colours using Open End Spinning Technology at our own manufacturing facility The concept of sustainable development and recycling make up the core of our values, thus leading us to deal in products that not only bring us a step closer to sustainable development but can also change the future of the textile industry.

In 2023 we




tonnes of clothes from ending up in landfills




hours of rural employment 




kilograms of co2 emissions

Our Services


Uniform Recycling

Uniforms are used in various institutions. We recycle all kinds of uniforms used in school, factories, offices, retail outlets, sports teams etc. Save your uniforms from being misused and going to the landfill.


Workwear Recycling

All kinds of industries and service providers, use different types of workwear. Over the years we have developed expertise in sorting and recycling different types of worker and materials.


Stock Out/Leftovers

Every retail store/factory has various leftovers.


Instead of disposing, put them back in the supply chain of textiles by recycling them with us.

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