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Textile Recycling Services

Kay Gee Enterprises offers textile recycling services to our wide range of customers like schools, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing companies etc. We recycle different type of end of use textiles, garments like uniforms, retail leftovers, . Over the years we have developed collaborations with multiple entities that trust us with  recycling their textile wastes. By partnering with us corporations and institutions can fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR)  and accelerate their ESG  performance.

Elementary School


Uniforms are used in various institutions. We recycle all kinds of uniforms used in school, factories, offices, retail outlets, sports teams etc. Save your uniforms from being misused and going to the landfill.


All kinds of industries and service providers, use different types of workwear. Over the years we have developed expertise in sorting and recycling different types of worker and materials.

Construction Work
Suspended Clothes


Every retail store/factory has various leftovers. Instead of disposing, put them back in the supply chain of textiles by recycling them with us.

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