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Recycled Cotton Fibre

At Kay Gee Enterprises, we collect used garments and textile wastes from different parts of the world. These collections are then sorted into different qualities and colour and further recycled into fibre.

This recycled fibre can then be again used to manufacture garments and various other products.

Recycled Cotton Fibre
Tropical Leaves

Some uses of our Recycled Fibre

Image by Maranda Vandergriff


A major share of the fibre recycled by us is used in the spinning of yarn. We supply fibre to various spinning setups that use in manufacturing of recycled yarns.

Image by gryffyn m


Our fibre is widely used for manufacturing insulation, acquistic materials. The insulation material produced with our fibre is suitable for automobiles, indoor uses etc.


We provide customised customised acrylic enriched fibre to various felt manufacturers.


Mattress/Filling Purposes

Our cotton fibre is used for filling and bedding purposes. It is used to fill different types of mattresses, pillows, cushions, seatings etc.

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