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Recycled Cotton Yarn

We recycle Post-Consumer (used T-Shirts, jerseys, sweaters) and Pre-Consumer (cotton clippings from garment factories) textile wastes into fibre, further spinning the fibre into yarn using Open-End Technology.

As our yarn are available in more than 70 shades of different, the use of dye-chemicals is not required thus helping to maintain a clean environment.


Using are yarns you will be able to save resources, water, energy and most importantly the environment and our Mother-Earth.

Composition- Cotton, Polyester,

Counts Available - N.E(3-20)

Process Type - Open End Spun

Ply options - Single/Double/Multi-fold (1-10)

Image by Jean-Philippe Delberghe
Cotton Yarn: About
Tropical Leaves

Some uses of our Recycled Yarn

Cotton Yarn: Inventory
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Recycled or regenerated yarns for knitting are proving to be game changers for socks manufacturers across different countries. Our yarn is widely used in manufacturing of socks as it is suitable for running on all types of knitting machinery. It gives the manufacturers a competitive edge while maintaining the softness of the socks

Home Furnishings

The majority our yarn is used in the manufacturing of home textiles and home furnishings. Over the years we have continuously supplied a supreme range of yarns that have been used in the production of various home furnishings. We supply recycled yarn for weaving  which runs flawlessly on all types of modern looms like air jet, water jet l, rapier etc and traditional looms like handloom, pit loom etc. Our recycled yarn is used by our buyers from India, Europe, Latin America to manufacture products like rugs, cushions, carpets, towels, bathmats/doormats etc.

Image by Julien Lanoy
Image by Guido Coppa

Shopping Bags/Tote Bags

"From Rags To Bags"

Shopping bags and tote bags made from canvas are gaining more popularity day by day. Bags made from our recycled yarn act as a double edged sword in the fight against environmental pollution. Using these bags not only provide a healthier alternative to plastic/polythene bags but also promote recycling of used garments and other textile wastes that would have otherwise gone to the dumpsites.

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