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Inspiring the young generation of change makers

Hosting business and design students at our Textile Recovery Facility

The fashion and textile industry, is one of the most polluting and CO2 emiiting industries. As an organisation committed to sustainibility of the fashion industry, we understand that we have to tackle the challenge from all ends. Our recycling initiatives at Kay Gee Enterprises are one way to adress the problem of overconsumption and fast fashion, besides that we also have to inspire the youth to design for sustainibility and recycling.

In a hope to do so, once every quarter we host a visit for students, professors, change makers from various universities, schools andgive them a tour of our facility, the journey of differrent clothes after they are recycled, and the recycled products manufactured from the waste. So far, we have hosted more than 300 students, from University of Delhi, World University of Design, Thapar College of Engineering and many more.

The students get a chance to witness in real time how differrent fabrics are collected, sorted based on differrent factors like composition, colours, material by our expert team of rural eco-warriors and eventually recycled by our state of the art recycling machines.

If you are a student, professor, teacher that wants organise a visit to our facility, get in touch with

Some glimpses from the visits



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