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Revolutionizing the Textile Industry: Analyzing India's Textile Recycling Landscape at IIT Delhi

Originally Published on February 19, 2023

Recently, we were invited to the mighty Indian Institute of Technology to talk about the potential of textile recycling in India. The Indo-Swedish Workshop organized by The Swedish School of Textiles - University of Borås in association with IIT Delhi. This blog post aims to provide valuable insights into textile recycling, the significance of recycling old clothes and post-consumer textiles, and highlights the contributions of Respun towards a sustainable fashion revolution.

Archish Kansal from Respun at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
Archish Kansal from Respun at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

Understanding the importance of textile recycling

One of the highlights of the workshop was the in-depth discussions on the current state of textile recycling in India. From the challenges of collecting and sorting textile waste to the development of advanced recycling technologies, the participants explored a wide range of topics. The panelists shared their experiences, research findings, and success stories, inspiring everyone to contribute to the sustainable fashion movement.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Rudrajeet Pal, Abhijit Majumdar, Erik Sandberg, Varun Vaid, Rakesh Kumar Sangrai, Manoj Paras, and the entire organizing team for their efforts in putting together this remarkable event. Their dedication and vision brought together a diverse group of professionals, fostering meaningful discussions and collaborations for a sustainable future.

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